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Northern Division

Beverly Fuchs
Folsom Fire

Joyce Engler
Truckee Fire

Sue Beville
Alameda County Fire

Shawn Crawford
Meeks Bay Fire

Barbara Safford
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire

Jo Ann Loveland
Modesto Fire

Micki Mick
Monterey Fire 

Patricia Lopez
Daly City Fire

Linda Jones
Emeryville Fire

Southern Division

Karen McCoy
Riverside City Fire

Valerie Nellis
Heartland Communications Authority

Becky Timmers
North County Fire

Christine Flores
Rancho Cucamonga Fire

Sylvia Moreno
Hermosa Beach Fire

Mary Scott
Chino Valley Fire

Ronda Guillaume
Cathedral City Fire

Nancy Haglund
Arroyo Grande Fire

Rosa Hernandez
Office of Emergency Services

Eileen Dirkson
Redlands Fire 

Becky Toney
San Bernardino County Fire

Darci Bodin
Orange County Fire Authority

Kathy Danskin
Orange County Fire Authority

Marti Hendricks